Going Solo: Small Giant, Globelamp

I do believe that the title is quite self-explanatory: going solo, for artists who decided to have their solo projects – even if Small Giant has a bunch of guest stars in the release I am introducing you to. It happened by chance, when I received a couple of submissions from people I already heard of as part of bands. I know, the double meaning is inevitable, but what can you do really!

Small Giant – Now We’re Gone

Anyone interested in having their own experience of Italian disco music? Small Giant defines its own debut as “an album of italo disco and beyond”, which kinda forewarns us somewhat. Small Giant is Simone Stefanini, former member of Verily So (featured in the blog here: CLICK). Now We’re Gone revolves around the celebration of the 80s, even though most of us probably weren’t even there: this is a musical portrait that sounds kitsch, incongruently logical and yet captivating. On one hand, there is the 80s of the heavily synth-driven dance-y tunes that was the best music to dance to – especially if you add glam-like electric solos and keyboard bases (“The Night Apollo Died”, “Neverending Story”). On the other hand, there is the sensual new-wave of The Cure, in which electro-beat and female guest vocals contribute to add a mysterious halo (“The Other Me”). Why italo disco then? Borrowing the artist’s words: “It’s italo disco, because this is the common language around which the traces are linked, to sing the sacrament of melancholy as a state of grace.” And yet, behind the kitsch dance-y aura, the gloom shines through.

Globelamp – S/T

I must admit, I have a special appreciation for workaholic musicians. Elizabeth Fey is a workaholic musician: being the lead singer of Meowtain and playing keyboards/tambourine in Foxygen wasn’t enough. Not content with her already impressive resumé, she also plays anti-folk under the pseudonym of Globelamp. Her music is composed of minimal acoustic guitar, that can be described as stripped down Bat for Lashes-like snapshots. The release swings between the aforementioned minimal folk tunes to deliberately lo-fi delayed riffs and reverbs (“Warrior Heart”). This collection alternates an overload of fuzz and bare bedroom-folk-like tunes (“Invisible Prisms”), in a skinny version of Naomi Punk and Metz rough-beats. Globelamp is a multi-faceted assortment of eclectic music that ends up being a rather unpredictable music journey – and you should be aware by now of how much the word eclectic intrigues me.


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