Monday Freebies: Nordic Giants, King of the Opera

Hija! It’s terribly late, I am aware of that. Yesterday I came back from Leeds – all of my posts are a result of my endless train journey, so I apologise for the possible non-sense of this week’s articles. Anyway, still struggling to catch up with music-related business (on top of my hectic chicken-heaven-Nando’s-work), so I’m going to keep it brief and concise. Wait, concise, me?
Hope these tunes will help you through this week as they’ll probably do with me – as this is all top quality. Share the music, spread the love.

Nordic Giants – The Seed (ft. Jake Reid)

Since I saw this Brighton-based duo back in London with Maybeshewill and God is Astronaut, I fell in love with its music. It’s visual and highly emotional, the heavy-post that I am craving when I need to pull the trigger and break out emotionally. This song transmits the same idea of freedom as getting lost during a long run, and stopping to contemplate the silent landscape. I know, I should have described it more musically, but give it a listen, and you’ll agree that there’s no other way to picture it.

King of the Opera – The Floating Song

This song is a taste of a great album (I’ve been praising shamelessly “Nothing Outstanding” around the Net in different webzines).  King of the Opera is an Italian trio: the leading singer Alberto Mariotti, formerly known as Samuel Katarro, his trusty sidekicks Francesco D’Elia/ Wassilij Kropotkin and Simone Vassallo deliver  a collection of well devised songs that are able to blend different genres (psych-folk, ambient music, noire-motion picture soundtracks). Floating song is just an appetiser.


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