Absolut Red

And the Leeds saga shall continue…


Hey all, I am currently on a train back from Leeds, struggling both to stay awake and not focus on the ridiculous amount of time left before my arrival. Thankfully, today I have a bunch of young fellas keeping me company – ahem, with their music. The Italian four-piece Absolut Red is an indie-rock band from Bologna, one of the local capitals of the music-hype.

The debut album “A Supposedly Fun Thing We’ll Probably do Again” appears soaked into the early MySpace Generation (above all with Arctic Monkeys). The formula is pretty straight-forward: smoothly electric guitar riffs a là Sergio Pizzorno of The Strokes (Life in Black and White), steady and slightly boogie drums, clear edgy vocals with a Strokesesque aftertaste (Sunday). The choice of drawing from the early 2000s heritage (with a pinch of Blur’s Britpop in Embrionology), may be both praised or criticised: despite the lack of reinterpretation, the band revives a trend with a flawless touch.

There is, indeed, a hint of uniqueness in the steady tempo of the jazzy Bathroom Whistling; moreover, we get an occasional hint of reverb-y electro-tribe more in line with the current British music trends, showing a clear focus on the aforementioned scene, and making instantaneously a tasty release for a wider audience. Highly appreciated the richer fuzzier sound of Africa Savannah – this is the ultimate proof that, blending in original touch and relying less on a bullet-proof formula, Absolut Red would certainly break through.
Cover Album
A Supposedly Fun Thing We’ll Probably do Again
Similar Artist: Athletes in Paris, Paris is Burning


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