Monday Freebies: Crystal Coast, Run/Lucky/Free, Barncat

Howdy people, your exhausted wordsmith is speaking. If there’s something that truly bugs me, is ending up having a weekend of nonstop running around like the proverbial headless chicken. So, my two craved days off resolved in a lot of planning. Anyway, enough with the moaning, let’s get back to business. It is still Monday, isn’t it? I have got for you some free and relatively free music, all top quality as always.


Run/Lucky/Free – Let Me Go EP

Upbeat drums, rock-y guitars with just a pinch of reverb and delay, Run/Lucky/Free came out last February with the EP Let Me Go. This quartet created its music from quaint practice rooms near the River Forth to rehearsal spaces in the heart of the city of Edinburgh. The production is clear, vocals are melodic and yet not too folky – that would clash with the overall indie-pop attitude of the band. There is also a bit of shoegaze in the riff, just to add a bit more color. Unluckily enough, the band split just after the release, but I guess we can call this their farewell gift.

Crystal Coast – Glitter

Who said that long distance relationships cannot work? Crystal Coast is a project formed by Tesha Blair (vocals) and Reggie Whitehead (producer). The two are respectively from Tennessee and Georgia, having never met in person. However, they crafted a perfect chillwave track, which features atmospheric piano background, bass-driven tunes and delayed backing vocals. More electronic than Still Corners and less futuristic than Death Rattle, this new duo is ready to fascinate the dreamgaze lovers soon with a full EP. For now, enjoy the free track!

Barncat – Eight simple Questions

This is a sneak-peak of the upcoming release of Barncat, a five-piece from Chipotle, PA – they also have an official hater listed on the FB fan page, how cool is that? Eight simple Questions is the first track coming out, in all its rough, bluegrass-y approach. Their tagline states progadelic, which is a brand new label I can now proudly add to my genre-hat. Rough vocals, a lot of fuzzy electric riff and solos for a quick straight-to-the-point formula, which you’ll probably find terribly fascinating. Waiting for the official release, for now taste some of Barncat music below.


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