Monday Freebies: Hollow Giants, Raindeer, The Travelling Band


Howdy my dear readers, hope you are getting used to the lovely apple over there – yes, I find it terribly cute, and yes, I am really proud of its role on the blog: I know, an apple may not be the best hipster mascot ever, but I think it embodies the spirit of When the Music is Over. Anyway, the apple and I wanted to share with you some musical treats, therefore here we go.

The Travelling Band – Hands Up EP

Folky and country, a bit fuzzy in the approach, which gives that grungy hints I am keen on, if carefully blended. The UK-based Travelling Band released Hands Up EP on 25 February 2013, and is now touring around the UK – hitting Bristol on the 19th, for all the lucky bunnies who are not working on an evening shift *sigh*. However, I really like the fresh vibe, in a borderline rock-pop influence that flows naturally during the four tracks.

Hollow Giants – Dreams/Fears

Hollow Giants is a band to keep an eye on. The free download Dreams/Fears is a hybrid of  early-U2 and a hint of early-Strokes – I can also hear in the background Glasvegas highly-driven instrumental noise rock  (without the doom and gloom). I simply love the drums pattern, which creates a sound that reminds me of the spectacular AEDI tribal rock.

Raindeer – Tattoo

Baltimore-based Raindeer is back  gearing up to release the second full length album titled “Tattoo” in Spring 2013. With listed influences that include Prince, Joy Division, Pixies, Roy Orbison, Kraftwerk and The Specials, the new single “Tattoo” clearly draws from the 80s reverber-y vibe, relying on keyboards to create a 70s-vintage aftertaste. The background pattern itself draws from the chillwave, mixed also with some tribal-esque percussions, just to add more spice to the platter.


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