Taste the Music: Cold in Berlin,Valerie June, Casimir


Having listened to Keaton Henson for the last couple of days, in all his delicate and fragile folk-y vibe, right now I am craving for some dark, heavy, beastly music – just to compensate. It seems that I have found my fuzzy fix in one of my Taste The Music tracks…

Cold in Berlin – Take Control

Out at the end of last month, Take Control is the last single of Cold in Berlin. The promise is that what you’re going to listen to will be even “darker, heavier, slower, faster, better” than what the band got us used to. After joining up with Candlelight Records (Opeth / Orange Goblin / Corrosion of Conformity) in August 2012 they released the pounding album ‘And Yet’ which has reached a new audience with coverage on Metal Hammer Germany as well as Mojo and Rock-A-Rolla Magazines. This is already a sign that what you are going to listen to

will definitely be “darker, heavier, slower, faster, better” than most of the music you find on this blog. Take Control fascinates with its Hole-gone-wild approach, swinging between Band of Skulls sharp noisy fuzz and Siouxsie Sioux’s dark soundscapes. Enjoy.


Valerie June – You Can’t Be Told

Out last 4th March, Valerie June’s brand new single ‘You Can’t Be Told’ blends soul, gospel and crunchy Delta blues. The track reminds us of the Black Keys we used to love (or at least, I used to love), showing in its instrumental core a blunt and conscious influence of John Lee Hooker and friends. To make the platter even tastier, the vocals are in a perfect Etta James style, and every single element seems to be deliberately placed in the right slot, to make all the mods and vintage connoisseurs fall in love. And as under these hipster clothes beats a bluesy heart, I am more than happy to join the party.


Casimir – Balancing Act

Casimir is a Bristolian band who just released their first EP Not Mathematics. A bit Drums-like in the delayed guitar, Foals-y in the use of samples and electro-pop, yet bursting into hardcore-esque punky screams and riffs when required. Just have a listen to how much is going on in this song “Balancing Act”, and you’ll get my point. Not Mathematics creates an highly emotional vibe, which I already struggled to describe with a tagline on another publication. Therefore I’d highly suggest you to  just give it a try, trusting my own suggestion. If not for the mouth-watering music, why would you still be here, reading my random rambles about amazing bands and coffee addiction?

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