Monday Freebies: The Growlers, K’noup, The Death of Pop


Hello there my dear readers, today I am sharing with you some freshly baked new music, unfortunately in a telegram-style way, (in case you don’t know what a telegram is, then well, I am officially too old). Beware: this post may contain bits of fangirl-ness.

The Growlers – Someday

No, it track is no way near the Strokes’ song. Someday is the opening track from The Growlers’ album Hung at Heart, released 25/03/2013 in the UK and Europe on FatCat Records. The song mixes Beach Boys surf-pop and a subtle rockabilly touch, in a pretty enjoyable celebration of the roots of rock and roll. Reverber-y guitars, upbeat drums a là Be-Bop-a-Lula of Gene Vincent. Pat Boone would be really proud of you.

K’noup – My Bike

First of all, K’noup is the frontman of one of my favourite bands of all times, VIZA. And their songs are just awesome. Secondly, he writes awesome songs on his own, which makes everything über-awesome *fangirl moment over*. Anyway, his tracks are more intimate, minimal, and go straight to your soul. My Bike just features strings and chill background atmosphere. Feel free to fall in love.

The Death of Pop – Clear Sky

I know, I have already talked about this London duo, but after falling in love with the song “We’re Gonna Get Fucked” I kept stalking them on Soundcloud. The sound is fresh, a mid mix of Drums on a really fast pace, some Metz-esque fuzz with a pinch of Wavves’ psychedelia (all really in a fast, fast pace). These guys have found the right formula.


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