Svarta Stugan – EP


I must admit, some bands really know how to grab my attention, especially if they start off the description with “a mix between Godspeed You! Black Emperor with the soundtracks to Twin Peaks and Blade Runner. Add some noise like the Japanese artist Merzbow (…)Svarta Stugan is a rich blend of all the aforementioned and even more, as it clearly proves in the self-titled EP. Moreover, it created a new sub-genre “twee-noise” – which literally made my day.

The band was formed in the spring of 2012 when Henrik Toresson (Guitar/synth), Filip Bagewitz ( Laptop/ Circuit bending/ synth) and Emanuel Svensson (Drums/Synth) started a noise project to fill a slot in a three day art-project that was taking place in Gothenburg. From that event the band developed its own sound, which mixes the most soundtrack-like post-rock with a pinch of cinematic tension a là Angelo Badalamenti of Twin Peaks, which appears to be remarkably strong in the first notes of “Main Theme”. While the description they gave is quite comprehensive, I’d like to add some lounge-y jazz hints in “Dance of the dream Monkey”, especially thanks to the Bossa Nova-esque drums pattern. The prog-like approach to improvisation is well-expressed in “Birth”, where synths, industrial drones and noise shocks barge into the track – either enhancing it or destroying it… or probably doing both. The last two songs (“End Titles” and its ambient version) are a bit less offbeat and more dreamy; the atmosphere draws from the opening track creating a “twee” aura, which unfortunately happens to drag along too much by the end of the Ambient version, especially with the lack of the minimal game? of synths.

Being such an eclectic EP, it becomes difficult to find the perfect tagline for Svarta Stugan’s music. Soundtrack-y and futuristic in its floating and unconventional way, it may create its own current of twee-followers.

Cover Album
Svarta Stugan EP
Similar Artist: Mogwai, Angelo Badalamenti

“Main Theme” (music video) Svarta Stugan from Svarta Stugan on Vimeo.


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