Going Solo: Kid Moxie, Field Sleeper


In case you didn’t know yet – unless you stalk me on Instagram – I now have a stegosaurus. I am not a pet-person unfortunately, but I can make an exception for dinosaurs. His name is Steve, and he is a stuffed-animal from the National History Museum. Some boyfriends give roses, others give a stegosaurus. Anyway, today Steve and I have been working a lot, always thanks to the coffee machine and its fresh sweet nectar. Seeing ss I always have some background music, I wanted to exhume some of the submissions I received for my Going Solo section. They are both American acts, and they’ll grab your ear in two completely different ways. Also, if anybody can produce a suitable onomatopoeic sound for a stegosaurus, it’d be more than appreciated.

Kid Moxie – The Bailor

Again, this girl knew exactly how to catch my attention. As soon as I read that her new album will include guests such as The Gaslamp Killer and Angelo Badalamenti (yep, here he comes again – David Lynch’s composer and one of my favourite composers of all time) I knew I had to give it a try. Kid Moxie is an LA artist, who recently released a new single called “The Bailor”. The track mixes Goldfrapp and Cocorosie, in an electro alt-pop that relies both on electro-bass a là Me and My Drummer and traditional piano, focusing mostly on the dichotomy between her ethereal vocals and male backing vocals. Below is the video of “The Bailor” – even if my personal favourite has to be Mysteries of Love (ft. Badalamenti). That one really gave me goosebumps.

Field Sleeper – Stay Quiet, Stay Ahead

Field Sleeper is the moniker of singer/songwriter Alexander Paquet, a freshman at Ohio Wesleyan University. His release Stay Quiet, Stay Ahead represents the tagline “bedroom pop” better than anything else. The concepts behind these songs are related to “ideas of being introverted (stay quiet) – staying away from social issues (stay ahead), and conveys the message that such a paradigm is not sustainable”. The sound is well built, and plays with multiple layers, mixing folky finger-picking, some piano interludes and a rich Eddie Vedder-esque spirit (Olentagy). It its own sincere way, Field Sleeper leads us to his bedroom, to show us his own vision of the world that he’s left outside that door.


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