Freebies: March Mixtape is here!



I am physically back on my comfy and warm workplace. I did not want to share much, but I happened to have an emergency back in Italy, so I basically scheduled some posts and just took the first last minute flight. Sometimes life happens, and family needs us. That was the right time to be there and support them, so I know I did the good thing – however, I want to apologise for my ghostly presence around the Net. 

Now, back for bank holiday and April fool’s day – I guess MY April Fool is that I have to go to work later today – oh well. Before that, I wanted to share with you my new mixtape (you can find it on the left hand-side of the blog for the whole month anyway!). This month I feature some artists that I introduced you such as King of the Opera and Svarta Stugan, and some I interviewed like Flutes (in case you hadn’t downloaded the cover of What is Love yet, now you have no excuse). There is Emperor Yes!, who I saw with Tall Ships last month, and Nordic Giant, supporting God is an Astronaut back in January. 13 tracks on the whole, as I found some tasty new tracks from the Italian psycho-punk-billy CUT, who’ll be touring the UK next May, and Hollow Giants, a band that I highly recommend to give a spin. Remember, all of the featuring tracks are free, so you can download them in batch or individually.

That’s all for today, now it is time for me to start tackling my long to do list, and give it a nice clean up. Wish me good luck.

Share the music, spread the love.


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