Freebies: The Deep Red Sky, Blue Willa


Freebies is something that makes me greatly excited. Another thing that makes me uberly hyper happens in less than 2 weeks: the Record Store Day. Locally, both my beloved Raves from the Grave Record Shop promises a lot of nice surprises (I have already my official badge, which I wear proudly on a daily basis). If you fancy some good mash-up music, Fear of Fiction in Bristol is going to provide what you need. From New York, the haunting beauty of Salt Cathedral, from London the twisted synths of Death Rattle and gazing dirt of Bear Pale, and from our fair Bristol – the slurring post-punk of Idles, swelling tangents of Casimir and grungey punch of Kitchenettes. Check the video out below – or pre-Order now from

The Deep Red Sky – Zombies (Things Don’t Stay the Same)

Forget Cranberries’ anthem and its cacophony. These zombies are melancholic and yet somehow harmonically epic, especially thanks to the female/male vocals and the solid instrumental background, that builds a musical crescendo. The Deep Red Sky introduced the audience to the new upcoming release “Plans” (out 13th May) citing the influence of The Twilight Sad and Frightened Rabbit in their development.  The Scottish  5-piece consists of Jamie Craighead (lead vocals, guitar), Jesse Stoddard (keyboard, backing vocals), Jos Collins (guitar, glockenspiel, backing vocals), Scott Cousins (bass) and John Alexander (drums).

Blue Willa – Tambourine

This Italian band blends in muddy atmospheres, fragmented fuzz, not-so-hardcore-like screams and a lot of energy, in a spiral of beautiful nonsense. The tribal drums patterns, the playful-gone-bad beat create that sort of “itchy” tension that sticks under your skin like a disease. “Tambourine” incapsulate that feeling of unexpected tension a là David Lynch, which creates and emotional string that flows naturally during the whole eponymous release, produced by Carla Bozulich.


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