Oracle O. – Cracking the Eyes

Oracle O. - press pic

Oracle O.’s début album is a bit like love-making. Sometimes it can be rough, sometimes it can be sensual, and occasionally it becomes slightly disturbing. With such a tagline, I think I could happily finish my review. However, I still feel I may need to explain the love-making comparison in there.

Oracle O. is already quite a unique blend, as it consists of Chilean guitarist Mauricio Santana and the Danish-Irish singer Madeleine Kate McGowan. Oracle O. got in touch with the Norwegian label Fuzz ClubRecords (Dead Skeletons, Singapore Sling, The Wands etc.) last fall, and they decided to complete the unfinished work that had been waiting in the drawer for a long time. So Cracking the Eyes was born.

To prove my love-making comparison, for example, I could mention the Tarantino-garage-rockabilly-Jack White-esque kick of “We’re No Good” – this song features a cowbell. I love cowbells: “More Cowbell”, that’s what The Bruce Dickinson would say (SNL, 2000).

All of a sudden, we are welcomed by the subtle electro-punch in the sensual dialog of “Rosy Princess”, in which Madeleine Kate McGowan is accompanied by male backing vocals a là Dead Weather (which comes back in songs like “Thunder”)

If you like it rough, you won’t go wrong with the heavy guitar of “Doom Doom Land”, where delayed shoegaze, psychedelia and heavy-noise mix together in a tasty blend. The game is spiced up with psychedelia and hypnotic patterns, words thrown at the audience like in “Unlimited Lou” (recalling the psychoanalysis word-association sessions) or the bluesy fascination of Nick Cave of “Mr. Something”. Again bluesy, but dustier, almost Cohen-like, is the closure of “Crying”, which adds a mature touch to the whole sexual imagination.

Since the tribal-esque single “Voodoo Walk” came out, I knew that the band would have never disappointed me with the début album. Well done guys, you fulfilled my expectations.

Cover Album
Cracking the Eyes
Similar Artist: Death Rattle, Dead Weathers,

01. Preface
02. We’re No Good
03. Rosy Princess
04. Doom Doom Land
05. Unlimited Lou
06. Voodoo Walk
07. Mr. Something
08. Thunder
09. Somewhere
10. Crying

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