Name Your Price: Travelling Band, The Micks

One day I woke up with this amazing idea. Why not giving the *name your price* releases the space they deserve? Indeed, a new sub-section of the blog called: support the band. Basically, it works more or less like Freebies, and that’s way I may possibly alternate them in order give a bit of variety – for now, enjoy it as it comes. The difference with the freebies is that I am slightly giving you the hint that, you may not only download it for free, but actually contribute supporting the band with some spare coins. Needless to say, Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk inspired me a lot. Wait, what? You haven’t watched it YET? Ok, seriously, stop reading, open another tab and watch it. Now.

Good, now that we are done, have a further think before downloading this music for free, and be part of The Art of Asking

The Travelling Band – Hands Up 

Coral vocals, a nice hybrid of rock, pop and folk, and an overall catchiness. The Travelling Band is coming back with the new EP Hands Up, which keeps the general formula of the band. Clean, yet technically refined in a subtle way, with electrical guitar lines to spice up the general aura a là Brother Normad. These guys are just back from an extensive tour: 23 gigs in 26 days. Touché. You can get a general idea from the streaming below.

The Micks – Brooklyn Bound EP 

A bit garage, slightly Tribes-y in the attitude, this Brooklyn DIY band is catchy and slightly screamy. A bit sunnier and vibrant than the Camden-based band, it also adds a touch of Wavves and Wombats. The general fuzz may either grab you or annoy you, depending on your inclination towards pop-punk bursts. Beware. This is 100% DIY. Handle with care.


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