Freebies: Delta Sleep, Hop Along, Fashion Week, Olympians


Hello there,

I am alive, I swear. However, I must be honest with you…I am moving to the City. Aw. OMG. WTF. Any other acronym you can suggest me to express my utter terror, confusion and excitement?

Yes, all blended in together in a fascinating puddle of me. Therefore, I do apologise if in the next month or so I’ll be a bit less productive, and slightly schizophrenic: house-hunting, job transfers, and a brand new adventure in the music business are on the list, and as you can imagine they all require a lot of energy, on top of my “everything else”. Anyway, as I will always be there for you guys, and my tiny little blog, I have some brand new tunes to give us the strength to survive this long week. By the way, next week I am on holiday back in the Italian boot, so I’ll leave you with a couple of nice treats during the week, just to make you feel less lonely without your favourite rambler.

Share the music, spread the love – and wish me good luck.


Delta Sleep – Management

It is math, it is rock, it is also labelled as punk, and it is British. Moreover, it seems like I am the only one who did not already know about them, but what can you do. Delta Sleep blends in hard post-pattern, a bit of the math-vibe a là Olympians – which, guess what, is just featured some lines below – and some rough hardcore-like screaming to narrate the brief  story contained in the track, which anticipates the new EP out in May 2013.

Hop Along –  Young and Happy

The Naked and Famous, going tribal-y whilst messing a bit with the Foals: this is the first impression of the track that anticipates the  Hop Along debut, ‘Get Disowned’. It has all the ingredients you’d die for, being short, yet catchy, ambiguous (especially in the vocal-pattern) and slightly dance-y. The album is due to be released via Big Scary Monsters in Europe, 8th April 2013.

Fashion Week – Video Games (Lana del Rey cover)

First of all, this band is named after the Fashion Week – it is called indeed Fashion Week. Secondly, their released a cover of Lana del Rey, along with a whole EP in free download via soundcloud. Clean and polished vocals, in a sparkling acoustic version of Lana’s anthem, which, believe it or not, sounds almost more cloudy and gentle at the same time.

Olympians – Filling My Heart with Weird Dreams

Uplifting and hooking with its echoing vocals, math goes cheerful. Olympians come back with an enlivening track, taken from their forthcoming EP Adventure Gun released on 29th April via Barely Regal Records. The band is packed with “succulent harmonies and sugar-induced synth pulses”, which to me sounds already like a really adequate reason to download this track.


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