Xenia Rubinos


This may be the most random review I have ever written, on the week in which I have lost all of my music due to some evil laptop formatting (that’s why I have physical copies of all the Classics).

After my first dejection, I decided it was the time to react, so I sticked some good music in the old stereo, and I stumbled upon Xenia Rubinos’ last release “Magic Trix”. This album has been one of the easiest reviews of the past year or so, because it was just too addictive and colorful. However, I wrote my first review of it in my mother-tongue, and I lost some of my wittiness in it – don’t ask me how, but this is happening.

Therefore, I am going to quickly convince you that “Magic Trix” is your next purchase on iTunes, and you are going to fall in love with this NY-based artist. Take this review as a white canvas, and imagine to have a selection of colors to choose from – you can start using a brush if you like, but you’ll soon prefer to use your hands.

The album is a succession of (not necessarily in this order) punk, rap, ska, soul, funk, electro-funk and pop. As soon as you think to know what to expect, Xenia changes completely her tack, and bursts into experimental folk all played by a couple of words, repeated all over again (“Pan y Cafè”). The release swings naturally between combat-rock and a splash of color with the experimental instrumental patterns, that clearly suggest an incidental math-pop reference (“Whirl­wind” and “I Like Being Alone”). Xenia Rubinos is not only ska-rap-punk a là Las Kellies, but it is also able to engage emotionally with the listener thanks to an enchanting voice, which seems to be part of the soul legacy (“Cherry Tree”, “When you Come”).

At the end of the album, the canvas is an explosion of colors, contrast of images and odd shades, of which you did not know the existence. Powerful and energetic, this is a release worth being in your collection, filed under “not sure what this explosion of color is, but I am loving it”.

Cover Album
Magic Trix
Similar Artist: Honeybird and the Birdies, Bearsuit, Go! Team


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