Freebies: Chet Faker, Algernon Doll, Unmap, Big Wave

She lives!


I just came back from my holiday in the boot. After succeeding in unpacking my luggage, I am back with some free tunes for you guys.
As you will notice, I am actually going to change a bit the frequency and the variety of my posts, due to new life projects, and a different way of organising my time. However, the freebies are an unmissable appointment, which I could not ignore. This round is all packed with some of the records I am going to talk about in the next couple of months, so these free tracks have Fab’s seal of approval

By the way, tonight I have interviewed Amanda Palmer, and despite my fangirl-clumsiness, I am still feeling in a sort of dream-like state.

Unmap – When to Lead and When to Follow

Previously described as an “updated version of chamber pop”, Unmap combines the synth-gothic fascination of Sinnbus’ Me and My Drummer and an R’n’B core – with unexpected baroque background synths. The almost spoken works perfectly with the R’n’B rhythmical pattern, adding even more emphasis to the musical pattern and the intricate net of backing vocals.

Algernon Doll – Cassini

After the debut Camomile (one of my favourites of last year), Algernon Doll comes back with a slighter less melancholic and more fuzzy lo-fi grungy track, Cassini, to introduce the new album Citano-pop. The song features the distinctive vocals that made Algernon Doll so unique, accompanied by a Naomi Punk-like noisy punch. Citalo-pop is due for release on 10th June 2013 via Common Records. So looking forward to reviewing it.

Chet Faker – Live EP
CHET FAKER, is an artist who combines soul, down-tempo and beat, reminding me of Dave Baxter among the others. Live Sessions EP is an intimate, piano-driven experience made of three tracks that blend folk, power pop and a subtle dub.
Big Wave – GW Bridge

GW Bridge is the bside of Art is Hard Records; next single and comes from indie pop 5 piece Big Wave. The song is up-beat and catchy, with a touch of fuzzy lo-fi. With such a premise, you’d never expect the lyric’s theme to be mainly focusing on ‘GW Bridge’, one of New York’s most popular suicide spots. The single is set to be released on Monday 20th May via Art is Hard on gold cassette in gold embossed artwork.


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