Taste the Music: Coastal Cities


It is May, and we all know that May in the UK is more or less like April, March and October. I can spot the sun outside, but most of the Britons are looking outside their window, dreaming of a sandy beach and a piña colada (I am quite loyal to my G&T). So for all of you, who deserve/need/long for some time off…well, I have the track you were looking for.

You’re more than welcome.

Coastal Cities – Entropics

After The Strypes, we can officially scream at the new British invasion. The scene is now crammed with college bands coming out with different vibes. Coastal Cities for examples are a perfect blend of summer vibe a là Vadoinmessico, Vampire Weekend-like dance-y punk and 80s reverbs in salsa pop. A song about enjoying life and having fun *sighs* those youngsters know how to make the most of their age. And now, ignoring my cramps and aches, I am ready to join them with a G&T garnished with a paper parasol umbrella.


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