April Mixtape


*knock knock*

The April mixtape is knocking on your door *metaphorically speaking of course*. April was made of lot of good music to taste, spin and subsequently share with you guys. If April was a…well…interesting life-related month, this May will be the “BIG move” for Fab.

I have my race in Bristol, raising money for Clic Sargent (CLICK), I am moving to London to start my second official experience in the UK music industry (alongside with other possible exciting news – please, cross your fingers and toes for me guys), and embracing an healthier lifestyle,  meditation and a lot of healthy cooking. With my heart full of hope and enthusiasm, I am sharing with you the new mixtape, which features some of the best tunes I came across last month: Unmap, Big Wave, Olympians, Ela Orleans (you can find it below and on the left sidebar).

A last-minute update: Olly from Advice from a Caterpillar (such a cute band, really), talked to me about this track. The Manchester-based band The 1975 released “Chocolate” roughly two months ago. I had a chance to listen to it just now. It is so, so addictive. And carefree. Life is beautiful guys, never forget that.

Share the music, spread the love.


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