Taste the Music: Blue and Bordeaux


Life has being hectic, everything is rolling, running and bouncing, and I am just going with the flow, but everybody needs a break. So I am having my own break, listening to some inspiring and uplifting tunes, with a pinch of electro-summer vibe. Bear with me guys, I won’t let you down, I swear. Long life to the small red apple and its owner *fist up*

Blue and Bordeaux -Know me Well

Female/male vocals alternating in a odic 4.00min-song. This London-based duo is originally from Capetown, however its style is more reviving the American tradition, with a subtle wink at the British folk a là Urusen, in sheer interpretation of acoustic folk-rock. Her vocals are just crystalline, and made me shiver, even if just for a second. However, it is the combination of the two “souls” and voices that make this song so remarkable, and as they sing in the final choruses “sweet and simple”.

This track is part of the upcoming album ‘Wanderlings’, which will be out later this month. Yoou can download the song for free on their website, paying it with a tweet or a FB thumb up.


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