Currently Spinning…Sahara


Sometimes you read bands’ bios and you ask yourself (and would like to ask them), what made them list among their influences things like “boiled potatoes”. No ladies and gentlemen, I am not kidding, Basingstoke/Winchester-based Sahara have a spectrum of influences that ranges from Foals to boiled potatoes.

The EP “Intox” masterfully mixes math-rock with an indie-rock aura, going from a post-rock-esque math-infused instrumental prologue to an increasingly upbeat indie-rock, almost winking at *shivers* Bastille (“Milk Based”). However, there is much more in-between: the EP is packed with the punchy reverb-driven attitude of The Big Pink, the electric-edge of Youthmovies (if you don’t know what I am talking about, shame on you, and run to batten down the hatches). I was almost baffled when I was convinced to hear Maxïmo Park’s Paul Smith in the track “Bloodhound”: explosive, a bit leaning towards the power-pop side of things, it is constructed around fragmented guitar patterns and the vocals… oh those vocals are just astonishingly similar (guys, you are dealing with a massive early Maxïmo Park connoisseur).

Now that math-pop is the big fat “next new thing”, the risk of making it just another trend is threatening all of us, the humble math-rock lovers. Good to know there are still some top-quality math-rock bands out there.


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