Taste the Music of… The Wands


As I getting more and more obsessed with Doctor Who (slowly going through s.28), I am starting dreaming of universes and alien species, David Tennant in a pyjama and Christopher Eccleston coming to me, smiling and grasping one of his catchphrases (*love-infused sigh*). As the Doctor, I am pretty sure he’d find “Fantastic!” (*another sigh*) also this track, which would be highly appropriate for the series.

Is there any other fan of 8-minute-long tracks out there? Any Doors tear-jerker who wants to rejoice with me for a brand new neo-psich duo in town? After the British Temples, Denmark exports its recent novelty, called Wands.  Intricate guitar lines and haunting echoing vocals will lead you to 8:45 minutes of Hendrix nostalgia, fulfilling your yearning for space-esque, slow-burning atmospheres. From the contemporary Allen Foyd to the more renowned prog rock supergroups like Emerson Lake and Palmer, you’d get lost in a psychedelic and visionary past. A delightful mix of progressive tunes and abrasive garage rock infused with a kaleidoscope of sound-meteorites. The Wands are Christian Skibdal and Mads Bredtoft Gräs, and this is their fascinating live track called “The Key”.


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