Taste the Music of…Mega Gem


Today is the day of the big move, so you can basically  imagine me running around, fitting boxes in the car, whilst repeating to my self and my lovely boyfriend “no, I DO really need all of those shoes with me, I cannot leave THEM behind!”. Aw, women, we are such special creatures. And just in case you were wondering, I am also taking with me all of my CDs and vinyls. Nobody will be left behind *fist up*. Now it is time for some music…some punk pop colourful almost math-ish band.

Denver-based collective Mega Gem maintains the philosophy of “the more, the merrier.” While the core group revolves around 7-10 members, the band’s live shows can include up to 20 musicians, all bolstering the group’s happy-go-lucky chamber pop.

Mega Gem is an orchestral pop punk band from Denver Colorado. Uh, and they like to party. I like them already. The album, on NAME YOUR PRICE at their bandcamp, is a joyful pop fanfare, made of rasping choral pop and frisky punk. Jumping from  Bohemian Embassy‘s bouncy gypsie rock to the soft-hearted melodies of the Adult, the Elderly and ChildrenMega Gem‘s album will definitely put a huge smile upon all those grumpy faces out there.


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