Freebies: Hibou, Algernon Doll, Songs for Walter


*knocks on the screen* How are you, fellow music lovers? Hope is all well with you, and you are now sitting comfortably on your sofa, just got back home from a long day at work, or maybe still on the bus or in the tube waiting to crash in bed. Just for a couple of minutes. Yep, of course.

I am currently super-excited for the new adventure that I am about to begin – the first nine to five experience, with an amazing company  that I already love – okay, I am overly enthusiastic, but that’s part of the deal. What a day! It’s time to celebrate, and of course you are invited…you are my special guests. Please, feel free to enjoy a bunch of new music…which I am 100% sure you’ll fall in love with. 

Hibou – Glow

Does anybody remember Craft Spells? Peter Michel, who formerly toured  as the drummer of indie buzz band, has now released his own glossy synth-y pop under the name of Hibou. Despite the general floating sonic landscape, the song was inspired  “…by the way my life seemed to be darkly growing and spreading in directions I wasn’t familiar with. I wanted the song to sound as though it had a sharp pulse, but was also ominous and dreary.”

Algernon Doll – Anti-them

I am pretty sure that when I’ll meet Ewan Grant, aka Algernon Doll, he’ll recognise me as the fangirl-ish stalker. I am literally in love with his music, and I am so looking forward to have a listen (and share with you, my dear friends) the follow-up of “Camomile” called “Citalo-Pop”.

Songs for Walter – Stamping on Snails

Wandering again around dark and deceiving soundscapes, we meet Manchester-based melodic connoisseur Songs For Walter.  Keeping his promise of giving away a free song each month up to the release of a full album debut, the folk-y artist comes back with  fragile melodies and a melancholic lullaby, in which he dreams of glueing a snail’s broken shell back together.


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