Goodbye Brew Records


*sniff sniff* After 6 years and 27 releases Leeds noise/prog/rock label Brew have decided to call it a day. This immense label has released records from kick-ass bands, such as Kong, Humanfly, Blacklisters, Castrovalva and Nine Black Alps (not to forget Hawk Eyes, These Monsters, Shield Your Eyes and That Fucking Tank).

If you love noise, politically incorrect and rasping music, you’ll know and love Brew Records. These guys were an institution among the alternative side of alternative rock. The records is bidding a proper farewell running a big sale on the store where every CD/vinyl/shirt/poster (except the new Humanfly album) is now reduced in price.

For the next 2 weeks all the releases are set to ‘pay what you like’ on bandcamp too so I’d hardly recommend you to browse it and support the label, until you can: Leaving you with the 10 Best from Brew Records, selected by the “I Like Press” crew. Turn that volume up, I want to see your ears bleed.


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