Taste the Music of…Vidunder


A couple of days ago Ray Manzarek died after a long battle with cancer, and I was getting lost in London (practise that I do pretty often, and pretty well it seems). This man made me forget for a bit that bass guitar is essential to be a great band. He bumped into this weirdo whilst walking in Venice Beach, and they decided that they should start a band together, and after that…well, the rst is legend. Ray, you have been and will always be a great musician. 

And after my humble goodbye, I dedicate to  you this track by Vidunder, a dusty blues rock band from Malmö, a city in the south part of Sweden.  The vocals are a bit spiky, nodding to Graveyard (moreover, the singer is the spitting image of Graveyard’s frontman ). However, their sound is far less stoner-ish, as it mingles the edgy electric riffing with a garage twist.  Vidunder’s self-titled album is out today, so it may be worth a stop to Vidunder’s Facebook page to say hello, don’t you think?


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