Taste the Music of…Tape Waves


Don’t know if you had the pleasure to give a spin to Still Corners‘ new album, but those guys have gone nuts, and moved from the floaty enchanting melodies, experimenting and literally playing with sound – which is good to me, as I am pro-experimenting and weird, weird music. However, if anybody was to miss the echo-laden, breezy beat, Fab has exactly what you were looking for, to make your Sunday even more cosy – and give you further excuses to procrastinate (you don’t fool me guys).

Tape Waves is a duo from Charleston, SC (yep, I had to look up where the heck this place is).  You can listen to Tape Waves sun-dappled pop via their bandcamp page, whilst picturing a shiny deserted beach, with crystalline sea and good-looking surfers, waves dying on the beach. *sighs looking at the gloomy cloudy sky* Tape Waves 4 song 7″ is coming out this summer on UK label Box Bedroom Rebels.


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