Bank Holiday Freebies


First of all, my friends, at least you Londoners, with such a sun you shouldn’t be home today, checking my random-rambling. You should indeed enjoy the sun (and the wind?!) and make the most of it. I have been wondering around completely randomly for at least two hours today – and you have no idea of how good it felt.

So, back again to our free goodies, today we have some punk, math and blues infused tunes – no, not all of them in the same track of course, even if I’d definitely go for it (you know me too well).

Silver arm – Dead Tongues

Silver Arm are a British four piece who are currently working on their debut album. If you are a fan of well-thought influences (and even a tiny bit of sarcasm, Silver Arm are exactly what you were waiting for: “Bedfordshire woodpecker, early 80s American hardcore, British post punk, fictional languages, heavy metal, The Supremes, the building of pyramids, The Stooges, Devo, tales of rural terror both historical and current, The Mothers Of Invention, The 13th Floor Elevators, the traditional biscuit and shoe-making industries, Fugazi and Sonic Youth…”

Quadrilles – Shirtsleeves

Catchy, sing-along and sun-kissed math pop with some heavier fuzz, which explodes in a million of scattered melodies and intricate guitar patterns: Quadrilles, we wouldn’t like in any other way. The song is Name your Price, which always encourages generosity from you listeners. And if you are more a “visual” person, check the video at the link: CLICK.

City Lights – Girl Don’t Lie

As some of you may know, I love the South West of England. I mean, if it were for me, I’d move to a nice farm, doing gardening and running after sheep (weirdo). And again, as some may happen to remember, I love blues rock. A South West based band who delivers sharp and blurred blues rock has to be featured in the blog. Especially if it shares its tracks for free. The retro-vibe, which will make Jack White happy, is spiced up with some garage riffs. I am in love.


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