Taste the music of…Vundabar

vundabar promo
First rule when you write about music: very blog post requires some research – aka stalking, but at least it is justified. During my stalking *ehm research* session for Vundabar, I came across a picture of vocalist Brandon Hagen showing off his clevage in a flower-y summer dress. How couldn’t I give them a chance?

This duo from Boston delivers catchy, yet gritty garage rock. Brandon Hagen and Drew McDonald just released the debut album ‘Antics’. The album is a collection of crunching garage pop anthems, spiced up by waves of metallic guitar riffs and falsettos. Aw, falsettos. The release opens with a mix of reverberant-delayed surf notes and blues-y garage, exploding every now and then in rockabilly-skiffle beats (infectous ‘Plains’). As Brandon reassured: ‘we hope to continue to build our momentum, and we have no plan of stopping anytime soon.’ That’s exactly what we wanted to hear.

Waiting to see you playing in London, just to share a nice pint of our finest cider.

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