Taste the music of…Caitlin Marie Bell

Caitlin Marie Bell

If  had to think of a real guilty pleasure of mine, probably the choice would be Sarah Mclachlan. As a massive fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah carried me through the most controversial moments of the series, with her extremely cheesy tracks that would kick off at the right time, every time. Somebody dies, and Sarah kicks in. Somebody leaves, and here we go again. 

Less cheesy, more folk-y, Caitlin Marie Bell brought me back to those days, where mellifluous vocals made everything much more poetic. Caitlin Marie Bell is a Georgia-born folk storyteller (also known as songwriter) living in NY, who just released her first album, Blood and the Water.

Also her imaginary is strongly connected to nature, snowy morning and empyrean landscapes creates a seraphic aura, which is cosy like a warm blanket during a summer-y winter, preferably in front of a bonfire. The finger picking leads crystalline vocals, sometimes joined by percussions and double bass, giving it sometimes a tribal twist (‘Omie Wise’) or heavy-hearted (‘Willow Tree’).

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