Hiatus time

Dear blogosphere and beloved readers, for once I’ll try to be quick.

I am going through a really exciting and yet hectic period of my life: Three jobs, plus a lot of collaborations all over the Net, and an “almost” social life to work on (and a boyfriend, a really important aspect, not to be forgotten). I need a break. I need some time to disconnect from the laptop everyday, and cook/run/read/roll.

I need to recharge my batteries to come back stronger than ever. The problem is, I love this blog so much than posting it just for the sake of it sounds just  wrong. I started it as something I loved to do, not something I was forced to fulfil because of a schedule/deadline. I want it to be spontaneous and natural, but right now the only thing I want to do when I come back home is prepare some soup and sleep (possibly not on the soup bowl).

The DIY blog will be back soon I promise, in the meanwhile I’ll use the contact.wtmio@gmail.com email for any band who’d like to be featured in some of the publications I write for. I will use my old Tumblr to share the music I love, but in a sort of quick “Taste the Music” way. And yes, I’ll still do a lot of mixtapes.

You have been fantastic…and so was I (Christopher Eccleston quotes always work)

Remember to share the music, and spread the love.

See you soon,

Fab xx

One thought on “Hiatus time

  1. I’m going through the exact same thing now, struggling with reviews, and funnily enough I’m reading Stephen King’s “Bag Of Bones” which is about writer’s block/anxiety.

    Hope things sort of sort themselves out, you sound super busy! Enjoy the time off!

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