Currently Spinning…180° Virvar


Danish do it better; at least when it comes to electronica. No, I am not saying that just because I work in an office full of Scandinavian people, even if I have been exposed to a massive load of catchy electro-experimentations. Today I am stepping away from the electro-pop / dance-floor friendly artists. Let me bring you in the depths of industrial pop, trip-hop and…indietronica.I am rubbish at genre-tagging, so let’s just turn up the volume and listen to the music. Continue reading

Monday Freebies: May Mixtape


It’s Monday. Oh, Monday, such an exciting day –  I am under the effects of an enormous load of green tea, which is making me even more hyper than usual. Welcome back to another wave of free music, featuring all the best from last month – I am starting to get pretty addicted to them, I created even one for the office at BillettoUK (CLICK)

This month featuring among the others City LightsAlgernon Doll, HAERTS, Cherri Fosphate, Hibou and Poor Things. Let the feast begin!

Taste the Music of…Baywaves


I love words, and I love playing with words (punning, twisting). Therefore, I appreciate when a band knows how to catch the attention, for example describing themselves as dream dark psychedelic hypnagogic hard pop. These are small things that catch my attention. However, I must admit that I cannot hear much dark and psychedelic vibe in Baywaves music.  Continue reading

Bank Holiday Freebies


First of all, my friends, at least you Londoners, with such a sun you shouldn’t be home today, checking my random-rambling. You should indeed enjoy the sun (and the wind?!) and make the most of it. I have been wondering around completely randomly for at least two hours today – and you have no idea of how good it felt.

So, back again to our free goodies, today we have some punk, math and blues infused tunes – no, not all of them in the same track of course, even if I’d definitely go for it (you know me too well). Continue reading

Taste the Music of…Tape Waves


Don’t know if you had the pleasure to give a spin to Still Corners‘ new album, but those guys have gone nuts, and moved from the floaty enchanting melodies, experimenting and literally playing with sound – which is good to me, as I am pro-experimenting and weird, weird music. However, if anybody was to miss the echo-laden, breezy beat, Fab has exactly what you were looking for, to make your Sunday even more cosy – and give you further excuses to procrastinate (you don’t fool me guys). Continue reading

Taste the Music of…Vidunder


A couple of days ago Ray Manzarek died after a long battle with cancer, and I was getting lost in London (practise that I do pretty often, and pretty well it seems). This man made me forget for a bit that bass guitar is essential to be a great band. He bumped into this weirdo whilst walking in Venice Beach, and they decided that they should start a band together, and after that…well, the rst is legend. Ray, you have been and will always be a great musician.  Continue reading