Tumblr Migration

Tumblr Migration

Despite not being a full time blogging experience, I’ll keep blogging my favourite tunes on my Tumblr, which I now changed into what you can see from the pic.
Head there if you are craving for new music peeps.

Share the music, spread the love.

Fab x

Taste the Music of…Tape Waves


Don’t know if you had the pleasure to give a spin to Still Corners‘ new album, but those guys have gone nuts, and moved from the floaty enchanting melodies, experimenting and literally playing with sound – which is good to me, as I am pro-experimenting and weird, weird music. However, if anybody was to miss the echo-laden, breezy beat, Fab has exactly what you were looking for, to make your Sunday even more cosy – and give you further excuses to procrastinate (you don’t fool me guys). Continue reading

Goodbye Brew Records


*sniff sniff* After 6 years and 27 releases Leeds noise/prog/rock label Brew have decided to call it a day. This immense label has released records from kick-ass bands, such as Kong, Humanfly, Blacklisters, Castrovalva and Nine Black Alps (not to forget Hawk Eyes, These Monsters, Shield Your Eyes and That Fucking Tank). Continue reading

Utopia or reality? Free music for music lovers.

Hey folks, Fab is back on a regular basis, now that the degree is over and plenty of exciting brand new doors are opening in front of her. Or me. I never really got into the third person narration anyway.
Today I am going to start something new, to add more random posts, especially about news, festivals, enthralling websites all around the Net that are worth a look.

Did you think that free streaming (aka Spotify) was the new big step in music business? Sweden is not over yet with innovative music proposals, as Doloder is proving us at the moment.

This new way of sharing was already encouraged by Noisetrade. Started as an utopian idea in 2006, Noisetrade is a service that helps artists connect to music fans, sharing music and helping artists with tips (aka donations). The website offers different options for both artists and fans, fully explaining the purposes and services of the project.

Doloder is also a new distribution channel, a website based on advertising-funded downloadable music. As you can read from the website itself: “Advertisers are offered a targeted advertising on the individual level, which is spread by fans and artists.” Ads somehow maintain the content, which is free for the listeners.

I got to know this new spreading channel thanks to the new Nokeys promotional strategy [already on WtMiO last January CLICK]. After the release of “No Regency”, the Italian band is back with “Cold War” pt.I, A-side of the new full length, that you can get for free at this link [CLICK].

Being part of the business now (yes, I am working for a press agency at the moment, so exciting!), I’m really thrilled when I come across new projects.


If You Were…Vessels

Today I am going to introduce you to Vessels, an indie rock quintet from Leeds. This post-rock (math/electro/experimental) has been around since 2005, one year later the band self-released a five track eponymous EP and started touring. In 2007, Vessels travelled to Minneapolis, US,  to record their debut album.  They recorder the ten-track album and returned to the UK for a nationwide tour. On August 18 of the same year ‘White Fields & Open Devices’. The sophomore ‘Helioscope‘ was released last March via Cuckundoo Records. Today Tom Evans (guitar, vocals, keyboards) and Tim Mitchell (drums) are going to answer to the tricky If you Were questions.

Continue reading