Currently Spinning…Algernon Doll

I must warn you: the following review has an high fangirl level, which in this case was a pretty damn good thing, as Algernon Doll and his sophomore ‘Citalo-Pop’ did fulfill my expectations. Already famous for his unique blend of lo-fi alt-folk and hardcore, Ewan Grant released the debut ‘Camomile’ in 2012, and soon his Algernon Doll awoke the attention of both the audience and the blogosphere.


The debut ‘Camomile’ was such an emotional and tormented journey, that probably emulating it would have been an insult to its dark fragility. Indeed, ‘Citalo-Pop’ moves forward, and proves a sensible maturation of Algernon Doll as an artists, even if it draws more into Ewan’s punk and hardcore background than the debut. Back to the origins almost to express a sense of liberation and rebellion from the restless interior struggle of ‘Camomile’.  Continue reading

Currently Spinning…180° Virvar


Danish do it better; at least when it comes to electronica. No, I am not saying that just because I work in an office full of Scandinavian people, even if I have been exposed to a massive load of catchy electro-experimentations. Today I am stepping away from the electro-pop / dance-floor friendly artists. Let me bring you in the depths of industrial pop, trip-hop and…indietronica.I am rubbish at genre-tagging, so let’s just turn up the volume and listen to the music. Continue reading



All right, well, let’s be honest: electro-dub-industrial has never been my genre of choice. However, it has a fascinating inner outlandish approach; try firewheelbombfire’s album for example: “Square Peg in a Square Hole” mingles dooming guitars, grumbling vocals and a NIN-y uncanny sonic landscape (“Get Out Much”). The solo project of the Cardiff-based producer Matt Strangis was born with the intent of recording a trans-genre experimental album, following some specific parameters: “I wanted to write it in a short time span (avoiding over-thinking or over-cooking), in the order of track-listing (for coherency), with an emphasis on live, unusual sounds. I quickly started work on the intro to track 1 and then went from there… around two months later, I finished the outro to track 10!”  Continue reading

Currently Spinning…Sahara


Sometimes you read bands’ bios and you ask yourself (and would like to ask them), what made them list among their influences things like “boiled potatoes”. No ladies and gentlemen, I am not kidding, Basingstoke/Winchester-based Sahara have a spectrum of influences that ranges from Foals to boiled potatoes. Continue reading