Hiatus time

Dear blogosphere and beloved readers, for once I’ll try to be quick.

I am going through a really exciting and yet hectic period of my life: Three jobs, plus a lot of collaborations all over the Net, and an “almost” social life to work on (and a boyfriend, a really important aspect, not to be forgotten). I need a break. I need some time to disconnect from the laptop everyday, and cook/run/read/roll.

I need to recharge my batteries to come back stronger than ever. The problem is, I love this blog so much than posting it just for the sake of it sounds just  wrong. I started it as something I loved to do, not something I was forced to fulfil because of a schedule/deadline. I want it to be spontaneous and natural, but right now the only thing I want to do when I come back home is prepare some soup and sleep (possibly not on the soup bowl).

The DIY blog will be back soon I promise, in the meanwhile I’ll use the contact.wtmio@gmail.com email for any band who’d like to be featured in some of the publications I write for. I will use my old Tumblr to share the music I love, but in a sort of quick “Taste the Music” way. And yes, I’ll still do a lot of mixtapes.

You have been fantastic…and so was I (Christopher Eccleston quotes always work)

Remember to share the music, and spread the love.

See you soon,

Fab xx

Goodbye Brew Records


*sniff sniff* After 6 years and 27 releases Leeds noise/prog/rock label Brew have decided to call it a day. This immense label has released records from kick-ass bands, such as Kong, Humanfly, Blacklisters, Castrovalva and Nine Black Alps (not to forget Hawk Eyes, These Monsters, Shield Your Eyes and That Fucking Tank). Continue reading

Why is an apple talking to me?

Banoffee cupcake is officially the answer. To everything. Let’s treat it as a birthday cake for the blog. This small little blog, after having taken its first step into the Net two years ago, is now still proudly part of the official blogosphere.

I still remember the day I started to write, and I endlessly sent emails to bands, asking for some music to review, an interview to feature, or even just a cookie. Then things started changing, and When the Music is Over was there, in the middle of the digital revolution of the music industry. And its glorious dreams of becoming a huge webzine were replaced by the acceptation of being a tiny, cozy and chatty blog with a mission. The mission of giving a chance to all of those artists that want to be heard, loved and guided. You would be surprised of how much a simple “thank you” email still makes my day. After two years, the blog has new followers, some new playground friends, and a huge music catalogue, which is far from running out of sources.

I’d like to thank Mark, my boyfriend, for the time he takes to read my posts, give me feedback and proofread my English. Without you I’d be lost, and I’d lose my bouncyness and smile. I’d like to thank you, the musicians, for delivering so much music, and taking the time to share your tunes with me. Thank you readers, for being so patient with me, and stand my random digressions, my overly chattiness, and my terrible puns. After two years, both me and When the Music is Over are grown up, and a lot of new, exciting changes are there, just waiting for me to close this new transitional chapter and start a brand new one. But it’s too early to spoil the surprise, for now enjoy my new gift to my baby.

Periodically I’ll give you via Soundcloud a mixtape of free music by the artists I featured on the previous month. Moreover, as you may have seen, I have changed the layout to something less professional and webzine-y, and more bloggy. However, it is fresher, it is more spring-like, and reflects the direction I am taking with the blog. No matter what, I want to keep my voice the unconventional witty one you are now used to, even if it means having an apple talking as a header of another DIY music blog. You may ask me…why? I ask you instead…why not?

Spread the music, share the love.

Fab “Electra”

2012 in Review


“600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 9,500 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 16 years to get that many views”.

That’s how WordPress decided to inform me about When the Music is over activity grew in the past year. 

There were 132 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 327 posts. There were 213 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 64 MB. That’s about 4 pictures per week.

There were 150+ new bands that I listened to, loved and shared with you.

I am an ambitious and stubborn bunny, but I strongly believe in small steps, month after month, rather than explosive hits. I am not following any trend, I am not going to turn into a fashion blogger or a foodie junky (not here, at least!), I will keep delivering you obscure, eclectic, schizophrenic music from Malaysia,  Peru or Guildford. I will still give all of those musicians out there a chance to be listened – and some of them would be featured in this small little jukebox. 

Like Lisa and Natalie before me, I am one of those people who do things because they love them. I produce bands that I love, I promote artists that I find enthralling and I interview crazy drummers who I find adorable.

It is a one woman blog, and it may just be that way forever and ever, but it doesn’t matter too much – I have coffee by my side, and an amazing boyfriend who supports me and helps me.

After my chatty aside, I’d just like to wish you an amazing start of this 2013, buona fine e buon principio, Счастливого Нового Года все!

Rock on,

Fab “electra”

Merry Christmas to everyone…

…whether you celebrate it or not!

Rock N Roll Santa

I know, it is terribly cheesy. Oh well. 

Whether you want to call it “job” or not, being a music writer is the most satisfying and enriching experience ever.

Thank you so much for reading, sharing and loving music with me. Thank you readers, and thank you patient submitters. Hope you are stuffing yourselves with a lot of food and drinks. I’m going to experience my first ever English Christmas…and mince pies.  So wish me luck, and keep reading, surprises are coming up sooner than expected!

Rock on!


Changes (D. Bowie, 1972)

So, here we are – I am not going to start singing Bowie, I swear.

As you may know, I like challenges. I wanted to make a challenge and give WtMiO a treat, for being such a loyal companion for one year and an half, if not more. Therefore there are two major changes: first of all, the blog has now a new design and its own domain, which means it is a big boy now. Secondly, I created a twitter account just for it, so that I will stop mixing my private ranting with blog updates and discoveries.

To add a third piece of tasty news, I am adding even more contents to the blog, which means more musical adventures and a lot of melodic suggestions for your iTunes. Or iPod. Or vinyl player.

Keep rocking guys.