New in town: Pink Mist Pop-Up Store in Shoreditch


You know when you realise you would like to do more, but you have no idea how? In brief, I am an “RSS reading” machine, but I have never found the right place to talk about all the news and the events I keep reading about. I tried with webzines, magazines, websites…and then I realised that I have my blog for such a thing. So,

Pink Mist, the East London collective formed of independent labels (Big Scary Monsters, Holy Roar, Blood And Biscuits and Tangled Talk), live promoters and bloggers open their doors at 12:00pm on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May at Boxpark Shoreditch, the world’s first pop-up mall. Continue reading

NewinTown: Fontaine

Fontaine is party-noise duo based in Leeds, who formerly played in other bands like Kytes. Unfortunately there are no recorded songs on the Net yet, but you can have a go with their links and videos, like the one I am sharing below. If they pick up your interest, read their introduction under the cut!

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New in Town: Killington Fall

New in town is back! Today is the time for a bunch of University students based in London. Killington Fall is composed by Cameron Stewart (Guitar, Vocals, Keys), James Simpson (Drums, Vocals) Max Templer (Guitar) and Patrick Jordan (Bass). The sound is a mixture of post rock a la Explosions in the Sky and some Deftones resemblance, with a pinch of math rock as well. Max Templer took some time to introduce Killington Fall to the readers, as you can read below. Continue reading

NewinTown: Quadrilles

Rachel Lipsitz 

London based math pop is a great introduction for this trio, which blends in catchy tweet, funky tunes and a good dose of irony (and not just in music, as you will read). The band is working on a new EP, but in the meanwhile is out with the double single ‘Jigsaw Technique’, available from Amazon and iTunes.

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NewinTown: Saint in a Row

I wanted to spend a couple of words on them, but they followed my instructions so well that they provided a really long intro, so no excuses. Their music is “real”, something with may seem obvious, but it’s been a while since you could listen to some ‘real’ bands. I hardly recommend you this talented Italian band. Go ahead to get to know them. Continue reading