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Reviews: mostly covering indie pop & rock, blues and hard rock, altern / post / prog rock, shoegaze, noise, folk rock. (I also accept any weird rock sub genre, such as schizophrenic rock)

As a resolution in 2013, I decided that I’ll reply to every single request.  However, what I cannot promise, is a feature on the blog – I am more than happy though to have a listen to your music and give you feedback on it! I am trying to write about as much as I can, but of course a bit of selection is needed.


Hey guys, if you have a request for an interesting feature, send me a message on contact.wtmio (at) gmail (dot) com. (As an alternative, you can just fill in the form you find below!) What I’d like you to add is a sample of your music, one picture of your artwork (300px or more) and a picture of the band (400px or more). By doing this, you save me a lot of time, and I will really appreciate it!

Have a go anyway guys, take care.
Electra / Fab.

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