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Jet Plane – All The Static Stars

There can never be enough Russian post-rock. They really know how to deliver some pretty fascinating music, despite the fact that these bands rarely get across the border. Bryansk-based Jet Plane, composed of Max (guitar), Serge (guitar), Dima (drums) and Kostya (bass), [qualify the previous statement of them being fascinating].

All the Static Stars is an overall beguiling album, that oscillates between ambient post-rock (Background) to a Maybeshewill-esque heavy-post (Purple). Without really losing the melancholic core that has been one of the band’s trademarks since the début Shelled (another suggested download, by the way), they add even more power, almost jumping up into the metal-metre (if you allow me this rather peculiar image).

Guitar delays and reverbs enhance the shoegaze-y violin distortions to make the palette richer, in order to create a more colourful pattern (Every Possible And Endless Way) in songs that are quite long themselves (well done Sherlock, it’s bloody post-rock).

The real flaw of these tracks are the over-whelming ambient-like interludes, that may lose the listener’s attention every so often. However, Jet Plane’s approach can be curious and adventurous, as they add some spicy bass-lines to create some bluegrass ballad-esque tracks (Rose, Volcano Riding). Also the water-y intro of Disappearance at sea incorporates both the ambience and a subtle electronic-vibe, not to be underestimated in the whole picture.

All in all, this is all we are asking for when we listen to a post-rock album: either to enthrall us, to stagger us, or to travel with us wherever we decide to go to. And Jet Plane would be a pretty nice companion.

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All the Static Stars
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