Taste the Music of…Quitty and the Don’ts


Do you remember the Kinks? I mean, who doesn’t remember the Kinks, the flower power, the Mods, and Britpop…*sighs*.

Well, I am pleased to introduce you to a band that blends in the Strypes rock-y edge and the Hives explosive garage attitude – even if its riffs are so Kinks-esque. This is exactly what Brooklyn-based Quitty and the Don’ts sounds like (no WordPress, it is really Don’ts, please stop auto-correcting). Combining soulful garage pop with dispassionate lyrics, drummer Quitty Bastardo formed Q&Ds as a trio in 2009, withKeyboardist Nogood Nick and guitarist Mike Q. joining soon after. Matt M. (bass) and lead vocalist Jordan D. Arsie completed the lineup in 2012, creating this punchy impetuous pop groove, that feels so much like the 60s. Bring it on, flower power. It’s time to shake those hips.

Absolut Red

And the Leeds saga shall continue…


Hey all, I am currently on a train back from Leeds, struggling both to stay awake and not focus on the ridiculous amount of time left before my arrival. Thankfully, today I have a bunch of young fellas keeping me company – ahem, with their music. The Italian four-piece Absolut Red is an indie-rock band from Bologna, one of the local capitals of the music-hype.

The debut album “A Supposedly Fun Thing We’ll Probably do Again” appears soaked into the early MySpace Generation (above all with Arctic Monkeys). The formula is pretty straight-forward: smoothly electric guitar riffs a là Sergio Pizzorno of The Strokes (Life in Black and White), steady and slightly boogie drums, clear edgy vocals with a Strokesesque aftertaste (Sunday). The choice of drawing from the early 2000s heritage (with a pinch of Blur’s Britpop in Embrionology), may be both praised or criticised: despite the lack of reinterpretation, the band revives a trend with a flawless touch.

There is, indeed, a hint of uniqueness in the steady tempo of the jazzy Bathroom Whistling; moreover, we get an occasional hint of reverb-y electro-tribe more in line with the current British music trends, showing a clear focus on the aforementioned scene, and making instantaneously a tasty release for a wider audience. Highly appreciated the richer fuzzier sound of Africa Savannah – this is the ultimate proof that, blending in original touch and relying less on a bullet-proof formula, Absolut Red would certainly break through.
Cover Album
A Supposedly Fun Thing We’ll Probably do Again
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TastetheMusic: Gaoler’s Daughter, Hijack Party, Brontide

Here we are again, with some tasty nibbles from the Net. After a couple of mad days (and amazing gigs, but I’ll come to that later, I swear), I finally have the time to get back to my baby – taste the music guys!

Gaoler’s Daughter – When we Were Young

Tropicana tunes, delayed guitars, poppish vibe – if there is a sound that can warm up our winter, Gaoler’s Daughter’s single may be the answer.  After having supported Graham Coxon & We Are Scientists this South London-based band supported the release of the single ‘When We Were Young’, out last  August. Despite being quite an old track, its summer vibe  may be the only way to defeat the thermometer, especially when it reads -2.  Nostalgic lyrics about naive childhood dreams with a wink at the mariachi tunes of Is Tropical et al, When we were young is just an appetizer, before the debut album we are all yearning for.

Hijack Party – I’m Not Moving

It seems that also Italians can do 90s britpop (the Blur school of thought, not the Oasis one). I’m not moving is the fist single of the Rome-based Hijack Party. Catchy and happily-vintage, the track gets its originality from the slightly rough vocals, which make the whole formula slightly odd, but in a good way. Despite having quite a linear musical pattern, woozy riffs and offbeat drum patterns try to detach from the average Stereophonic-effect -you nod, you tap your foot, and that’s it. With more guts and a pinch of poetic licence, this band could detach from the old smooth formula, and make it even more unique.

Brontide – Coloured Tongues

I wrote about summer-y vibe and indie rock. Now it is time for my beloved instrumental hashtag. Even better if it blends in some math-rock and post-rock. Brontide meets this requirement with the track Coloured Tongues, just before the new album comes out in 2013. Experimenting and playing with musical samples, the band plays with a whole universe, crafting a journey made of climaxes and twists. From background drops to beating drums and electric distorted guitars, this track embodies a new generation of instrumental musicians – Maybeshewill above all (yes, I do love them, you may have to accept it).

Searching for Psychedelic (non)Brit Pop

On first listen, Capitan Love reminds me of a really intimate brit pop, a bit twee and highly contagious, catchy. A happy-go-lucky approach, if you get what I mean. There is some Lava lava love in it, a bit of Belle and Sebastian, duetting female/male vocals included (‘The Wasted Years of Captain Love’, the Italian ‘Ennio’), the most psychedelic Beatles, maybe with a pinch of Barrett (‘Blow into the Sky’) and you’ll have the new release of this Italian songwriter, entitled ‘The Wasted Years of Captain Love’. Continue reading

Femme Fatale – Fading Nights Sounds

Femme Fatale

Fading nights Sounds




This is the story of an Italian four-piece into indie rock and pop. Femme Fatale draws from Arctic Monkeys, Nine Black Alps, Oasis, Interpol and mixes a quite peculiar Brit Rock with the punk rock tunes, which (whether we admit it or not) were part of our adolescence. Continue reading