Gig Report: Tall Ships @ The Fleece

Back in Leeds, still waking up on a surprisingly comfy couch…


I wish you a good morning from the delightful red-brick houses of Leeds. I am currently at a fellow music junkie’s house, but probably the original house owners had a rather questionable obsession with Buddy Holly. Anyway, sorry for the tangent, I blame the post-wake up ramble. A couple of nights ago, back in Bristol, I joined Tall Ships at the Fleece,  which is undoubtedly my best-loved music-destination, for the first date of the “Everything Touching” tour. The common thread between the support acts was the synth-driven sound. First on stage were the local Oliver Wilde, delivering a combination of fuzz and electro-beat, which blurred the overall sound and sidelined the vocals – or it may just be me being next to the left amps. The music itself moved towards a general chill-wave ground, adding Dirty Beach-esque distortions to the steady tempo. The overload of sounds however did not convince me fully, so I’ll give them another try on the Net.

Instead, main support Emperor Yes, a London-based math-rock band were definitely my cuppa tea. Synth-infusedBattles-esque samples, animal-focused lyrics and playful attitude a là Bearsuit (on top of whimsical falsetto-backing vocals) was the smooth yet effective formula the band delivered. A bit of the 80s electro-salsa whisked with a lot of energy, and you ended up with an half-an-hour of contented nodding.

Last but not least, Tall Ships came on stage with its grungy-fuzz aura and not-so-dreamy experimental punch (playing the comparison game, I’d suggest Local Natives with a less naive aura)The music itself was even more potent on stage, highlighting the shoegaze-y undertone more than the indie-rock core of the new album. Indeed, the occasional almost-reached wall of sound, perfectly blended in the dreamy-rock in songs like Gallops and T=O. A final note on the encore, when lead singer Rich Phetean came back on stage starting off his own version of Robbie William’s “Angels”. Epic. As if it wasn’t enough controversial describing tall Ships sound through laptop speakers, now, if I come to think of the shortest and punchiest tagline I’ll simply say: Experimental fuzzy rock you may fall in love with.

AEDI @ Vizi del Pellicano

28th January 2012

I wouldn’t have a coffee after 11pm. Oops. Therefore here I am, writing about the gig of tonight, 28th January. I was at I Vizi del Pellicano, a quite small venue, that is becoming more and more a venue for people of my age, even if just a couple of years ago it was more oriented to people in their 30s. Anyway, back to the track, the band I’m going to write about is Aedi (Italian pronunciation, thus it is not an homophony of Heidi). Aedi is a five-piece from Macerata, Marche. You’re going to learn more about them and their music career in a bit, in the interview which is going to be published soon. The live aspect is what I am focusing on tonight. Continue reading

DUST live @ Agorà (Milan)

I’d like to start by saying just how much I love Italian railways. During this massive strike I knew somehow that the possibilities that I could go to Dust’s presentation of the new EP ‘Kind’ were drastically reduced. Mindless of the danger of being stuck in Parma’s station till 9pm, I checked the train board, hopeful. Here, it states the only afternoon train not cancelled is going to Milan. Faith? Probably. But I was not going to waste the possibility of meeting Dust once again. Continue reading

Lava Lava Love e il pop violento

As promised…la versione italiana della intervista dei Lava Lava Love. In occasione del concerto di Band of Skulls al Locomotiv, il gruppo spalla è la band indie-pop di Verona composta nella line-up attuale da Andrea, Massimo, Vittorio e Florencia. Tra una pizza e succo di arancia ci siamo lasciati andare ad una rilassata chiacchierata, scoprendo con piacere quanto affabili e adorabile possa essere questo quartetto.


Continue reading

Gig Report: Schonwald @ Mattatoio

Here we are, back again, with another gig report. Luckily enough, I avoided the 2 am one, but I am pretty sure memory is going to be kind enough not to trick me. Sunday 22nd January I was at Mattatoio, Carpi (Modena). The venue itself is a pub/indie club idea, quite small, quite relaxed (maybe a bit too much, audience-wise), but the most important aspect it that it introduces quite interesting indie acts – Italians and international bands as well. Last Sunday the night was organised by Youthless Fanzine to promote Schonwald’s new EP ‘Mercurial’. Continue reading