Interview with Verily so

Verily So is an Italian trio that mixes shoegaze and acoustic folk. Since 2009, the duo added a third member, released a self-titled full length in 2011 and decided to share with us the special edition of the album, comprehensive of an acoustic cover of Radiohead‘s ‘Idioteque’ (you can find the link by the end of the interview). One of the most interesting breakthrough acts found some time to answer to my questions. Here there is Simone, one of the founders of the band.

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If you Were…Peter of Hymns

Hymns, or †HYMNS†, is a two-piece Rock band based around the Midlands. The duo, composed by ex-Blakfish Samuel Manwille and Peter Reisner make some classical-influenced garage rock, as the debut album ‘Contrary Virtues’ exemplifies (out via Big Scary Monsters and Function Records). You can get the free track ‘Miracles’ via Hymns’ bandcamp.

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Interview with Songs for the Sleepwalkers

I’d like to write an introduction, but I already talked about Song for the Sleepwalkers in my Searching for alt folk post, so I can just link you back to that to have a description of similar artists, releases and a general introduction (do not like to repeat myself too much!). Advice you to have a go and read this article, which is going to lead you to Sweden, alt folk, violins, minimalism and poetry. Not too bad as a business card.  

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Searching for Alt Folk

Brown Bird

Brown Bird are a duo from Providence, Rhode Island. The band, started as a solo-project by songwriter David Lamb, has released so far the EP ‘the Sound of Ghosts’ and the album Salt for Salt’. The backing vocals of MorganEve Swain add in some gothic vibe to this nomadic folk music, which goes from pure americana to some more Vandaveer-like gypsy-jazz (instrumental track  ‘Shiloh’). We can get the Americana/bluesy influences in tracks like ‘Fingers to the Bone’, winking at Young and Waits.  There is also some spaces for the simpler alt folk of ‘Bilgewater’, a darker and gloomier track: “It don’t matter if the cold wind blows / I’m gonna wind up working in the thick of it / sunshine through the rain and snow / there’s an oily brine bilge water baptism waiting below”. A free download of ‘Fingers to the Bone’ is available from the widget on their website. Continue reading

What’s Tasty in Music

Brian Eno – Panic of Looking

Brian Eno is due to release on Warp Records his new EP ‘Panic of Looking’. After the release of ‘Small Craft On A Milk Sea’ on 2010, Eno is back with ‘Panic of Looking’, is result of the recording session with the poet Rick Holland, with which he released the previous ‘Drums Between the Bells’. The EP will be released in vinyl format, CDs and digital downloads – the artwork is a collaboration between Eno and Nick Robertson.

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