Flutes Interview and single Review


Imagine one of the 90s disco anthems completely redefined by heavy bass, synths and ghostly vocals: Flutes’ version of What is Love, (originally by Haddaway?), defines this. Whether you liked the party-cheesy-version, I am pretty sure you’ll adore Flutes’ cover. The band gave completely new life to the song, making it shine into a brand new light: “We had been playing a live stripped-back acoustic version of What Is Love over the years – it has quite dark lyrics backed by a minor key which slotted in quite well to our set. I would hope it’s a celebration of the song, and people seem to see something new in the lyrics. I also think it’s a sign that it’s a great song – the fact that it can be recast in a different genre and not only sound great, but deliver something new.” Continue reading