Taste the music of…Softly Dear


Show me your artwork, and I’ll tell you which is your music genre. This might be the most indie-snobbish statement I’ve ever written, although being true. Continue reading

Monday Freebies: May Mixtape


It’s Monday. Oh, Monday, such an exciting day –  I am under the effects of an enormous load of green tea, which is making me even more hyper than usual. Welcome back to another wave of free music, featuring all the best from last month – I am starting to get pretty addicted to them, I created even one for the office at BillettoUK (CLICK)

This month featuring among the others City LightsAlgernon Doll, HAERTS, Cherri Fosphate, Hibou and Poor Things. Let the feast begin!

Bank Holiday Freebies


First of all, my friends, at least you Londoners, with such a sun you shouldn’t be home today, checking my random-rambling. You should indeed enjoy the sun (and the wind?!) and make the most of it. I have been wondering around completely randomly for at least two hours today – and you have no idea of how good it felt.

So, back again to our free goodies, today we have some punk, math and blues infused tunes – no, not all of them in the same track of course, even if I’d definitely go for it (you know me too well). Continue reading

Freebies: Chet Faker, Algernon Doll, Unmap, Big Wave

She lives!


I just came back from my holiday in the boot. After succeeding in unpacking my luggage, I am back with some free tunes for you guys.
As you will notice, I am actually going to change a bit the frequency and the variety of my posts, due to new life projects, and a different way of organising my time. However, the freebies are an unmissable appointment, which I could not ignore. This round is all packed with some of the records I am going to talk about in the next couple of months, so these free tracks have Fab’s seal of approval

By the way, tonight I have interviewed Amanda Palmer, and despite my fangirl-clumsiness, I am still feeling in a sort of dream-like state.

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Freebies: March Mixtape is here!



I am physically back on my comfy and warm workplace. I did not want to share much, but I happened to have an emergency back in Italy, so I basically scheduled some posts and just took the first last minute flight. Sometimes life happens, and family needs us. That was the right time to be there and support them, so I know I did the good thing – however, I want to apologise for my ghostly presence around the Net.  Continue reading

Monday Freebies: Nordic Giants, King of the Opera

Hija! It’s terribly late, I am aware of that. Yesterday I came back from Leeds – all of my posts are a result of my endless train journey, so I apologise for the possible non-sense of this week’s articles. Anyway, still struggling to catch up with music-related business (on top of my hectic chicken-heaven-Nando’s-work), so I’m going to keep it brief and concise. Wait, concise, me?
Hope these tunes will help you through this week as they’ll probably do with me – as this is all top quality. Share the music, spread the love.

Nordic Giants – The Seed (ft. Jake Reid)

Since I saw this Brighton-based duo back in London with Maybeshewill and God is Astronaut, I fell in love with its music. It’s visual and highly emotional, the heavy-post that I am craving when I need to pull the trigger and break out emotionally. This song transmits the same idea of freedom as getting lost during a long run, and stopping to contemplate the silent landscape. I know, I should have described it more musically, but give it a listen, and you’ll agree that there’s no other way to picture it.

King of the Opera – The Floating Song

This song is a taste of a great album (I’ve been praising shamelessly “Nothing Outstanding” around the Net in different webzines).  King of the Opera is an Italian trio: the leading singer Alberto Mariotti, formerly known as Samuel Katarro, his trusty sidekicks Francesco D’Elia/ Wassilij Kropotkin and Simone Vassallo deliver  a collection of well devised songs that are able to blend different genres (psych-folk, ambient music, noire-motion picture soundtracks). Floating song is just an appetiser.

Monday Freebies: Art is Hard, MM compilation

Ok, today I may be cheating, I know. I am actually sharing with you music you have to pay for. However, it is just £4 on the whole, and it is for music worth much more than that (and most of it will go to charity). Today I am going to spend a couple of words about who different promotions/campaigns.

artishard Art is Hard Postcard Club 

After the 26 pizza CD’s, Art is Hard Records promoted a brand new club for 2013. The concept is quite straight forward: every couple of weeks the label will release a song they really love as a single, each single will be available as a unique postcard designed by the band or their talented friends and will come with an MP3 download code. Each postcard will cost just £1* including postage. Each postcard will be handstamped/numbered. The label also offers the option to subscribe for just £14*, and  receive a postcard single through the post every 3 weeks in 2013 – a total of 16 singles.The first single is  from Australian two piece Au.Ra. and the guitar pop track Morning. 

 musicalmaMusical Mathematics compilation “Fifth One’s for the Bros”

Available for download on the 1st of February via our Bandcamp, ‘This One’s For The Bros’ marks Musical Mathematics fifth compilation album, feauturing bands such as Axes, Tall Ships and Oh No! Yoko.
At just £3, all proceeds from downloads will go to the amazing Occupy Sandy; a brillant NYC charity helping to rebuild and recover effected neighbourhoods.