Taste the music of…Vundabar

vundabar promo
First rule when you write about music: very blog post requires some research – aka stalking, but at least it is justified. During my stalking *ehm research* session for Vundabar, I came across a picture of vocalist Brandon Hagen showing off his clevage in a flower-y summer dress. How couldn’t I give them a chance? Continue reading

Taste the Music of… The Wands


As I getting more and more obsessed with Doctor Who (slowly going through s.28), I am starting dreaming of universes and alien species, David Tennant in a pyjama and Christopher Eccleston coming to me, smiling and grasping one of his catchphrases (*love-infused sigh*). As the Doctor, I am pretty sure he’d find “Fantastic!” (*another sigh*) also this track, which would be highly appropriate for the series.

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Travel Check interview/review


If I had to choose an area to specialise in, I’d pick blues and rock & roll, which basically covers bluegrass, rockabilly, and acid rock a là Hendrix and Doors. I’d not mind jazz, but it may be a bit of a stretch. I just love the way it delivers its message, and talks to its audience. Its little grandson, the black sheep of the family, is probably the “garage” rock and blues, which blends in acid, psychedelic mantra and rough spoken word. Continue reading

If you Were…Peter of Hymns

Hymns, or †HYMNS†, is a two-piece Rock band based around the Midlands. The duo, composed by ex-Blakfish Samuel Manwille and Peter Reisner make some classical-influenced garage rock, as the debut album ‘Contrary Virtues’ exemplifies (out via Big Scary Monsters and Function Records). You can get the free track ‘Miracles’ via Hymns’ bandcamp.

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Gig Review: Silver Rocket + Versailles @ CovoClub

Here we are, back again with another gig report, another unconventional adventure of your favourite freelance journalist. Last Friday I had an interview scheduled at Covo Club, Bologna. I planned a quick chat with Silver Rocket, an Italian ‘old fashioned’ band (forgive me for the pun, guys). Anyway, I guess that the really relaxed atmosphere created by a couple of beers shared and a real chat (no Q&A) made me quite hyper – aside from the dictaphone paranoia (35 minutes of talk, which I did not want to lose for any reason). After having checked that the dictaphone had done its job, I celebrated the unexpected satisfying result and crawled back to Covo after a couple of hours. Unfortunately the atmosphere in the club was quite cold. The place itself was almost empty, and did not seem likely to become crammed in the next 30 minutes. I later discovered it was also due to the shift of the ‘Maps’ night planned to another club, Locomotiv. Continue reading

What’s Tasty in Music

Rufus Party – With Us

(Sub Pop)

With Us is the second English full length for the Italian band Rufus Party. Garage rock, mixed with some indie pop and ska-ish tunes is blended in 12 tracks, which it’s worth trying to get the most DIY side of Italian rock music.

Released: June, 2011

Jonathan Wilson – Gentle Spirit

(Bella Union)

Jonathan Wilson gets us back to the psychedelic rock of the 70s, just with some more folk and progressive tunes. Just don’t be scared by the (almost) 90 minutes of experimental music plays and melancholy, they will naturally flow without being perceived by the listener.

Released: August, 2011

Mister Heavenly – Out of Love

(Sub Pop)

Listening to Out of Love people would get instantaneously they’re in front of some unconventional music. Blended genres, hard vibe and screaming mixed to some surf and alt pop tunes, which remind us of a more experimental Arctic Monkeys (who wanted try to some doo wop).

Released: 16 August, 2011