DUST live @ Agorà (Milan)

I’d like to start by saying just how much I love Italian railways. During this massive strike I knew somehow that the possibilities that I could go to Dust’s presentation of the new EP ‘Kind’ were drastically reduced. Mindless of the danger of being stuck in Parma’s station till 9pm, I checked the train board, hopeful. Here, it states the only afternoon train not cancelled is going to Milan. Faith? Probably. But I was not going to waste the possibility of meeting Dust once again. Continue reading

If You Were…Vessels

Today I am going to introduce you to Vessels, an indie rock quintet from Leeds. This post-rock (math/electro/experimental) has been around since 2005, one year later the band self-released a five track eponymous EP and started touring. In 2007, Vessels travelled to Minneapolis, US,  to record their debut album.  They recorder the ten-track album and returned to the UK for a nationwide tour. On August 18 of the same year ‘White Fields & Open Devices’. The sophomore ‘Helioscope‘ was released last March via Cuckundoo Records. Today Tom Evans (guitar, vocals, keyboards) and Tim Mitchell (drums) are going to answer to the tricky If you Were questions.

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Interview with Let’s Talk Daggers

Let’s Talk Daggers is an hardcore/punk/alternative trio from the UK is still at its early beginning, with an EP out (which you can find here), but a quite good amount of live performances nationwide and also individual music experience before forming Let’s Talk Daggers. With a new EP out on Dec. 25th (!!), the band took some time to answer questions about lyrics, past experience, hardcore and emo genres and news about the future.  Continue reading

The Pheromoans – Bar Rock EP

The Pheromoans

Bar Rock EP

(Monofonus Press)



We can say The Pheromoans are everything that is unusual and unconventional in music. Their sound is going to be appreciated mostly by avant-garde elitist listeners, mostly because the lack of cohesion and correlation between instruments is something can be enjoyed just for a certain amount of time. The DIY approach is here commemorated in a mini album called ‘Bar Rock’ (300 12” vinyl available for the hardcore collectors). Continue reading