City Reign interview and review


The 90s are back. To be honest, after the 80s revival it was just a natural evolution, I guess. We started with the heavy shoegaze-nostalgia (dreamgaze, chillgaze et al), and now the sound is shifting towards a more rock-oriented approach: representative of this category are City Reign. Continue reading

Flutes Interview and single Review


Imagine one of the 90s disco anthems completely redefined by heavy bass, synths and ghostly vocals: Flutes’ version of What is Love, (originally by Haddaway?), defines this. Whether you liked the party-cheesy-version, I am pretty sure you’ll adore Flutes’ cover. The band gave completely new life to the song, making it shine into a brand new light: “We had been playing a live stripped-back acoustic version of What Is Love over the years – it has quite dark lyrics backed by a minor key which slotted in quite well to our set. I would hope it’s a celebration of the song, and people seem to see something new in the lyrics. I also think it’s a sign that it’s a great song – the fact that it can be recast in a different genre and not only sound great, but deliver something new.” Continue reading

If you Were…The Beautiful Word

We have a special interview today. I am going to introduce you to the Beautiful Word with a special feature that some of you may remember. This is the If you Were tag, in which the band introduces itself and answers to quite unusual questions. This English band is looking for a good honest label to release its next album with, so keep an eye on them.  Continue reading

Interview (Ita/Eng) with Following Friday

After my touchy-girly moment a couple of days ago, here we are back again with a nice chat with a powerpop band. Following Friday is a young Italian project that is promoting its new EP “Out of the fence”. Today we’re having another Italian/English interview, as I want to make them bilingual in order to give the possibility to understand them, whether you are Italian speakers or not. Enjoy and stay tuned!

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Interview with Verily so

Verily So is an Italian trio that mixes shoegaze and acoustic folk. Since 2009, the duo added a third member, released a self-titled full length in 2011 and decided to share with us the special edition of the album, comprehensive of an acoustic cover of Radiohead‘s ‘Idioteque’ (you can find the link by the end of the interview). One of the most interesting breakthrough acts found some time to answer to my questions. Here there is Simone, one of the founders of the band.

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Interview with Atom Eye

Introducing us to her ‘Trilogy’, Phantom‘s Elsie Martins returns with the solo project Atom Eye. Exploring this dark and rich world, listeners get in touch with a complete art experience, where cinema and music are strictly related. Elsie took some time to introduce the project, her influences and inspirations, and some tips for a bunch of directors worth-checking. Out Feb. 6th, the first part of the Trilogy can be streamed and downloaed on her website. Continue reading

Interview with Aedi between rituals and magics

The interview itself is going to be quite long, so I am not going to spend too much time introducing the band, also because the interview is quite complete, and in a bit there will be also the gig report of the live performance at Vizi del Pellicano. A lot of talking, but I a pretty sure it is worth spending some words about Aedi. An Italian band in a continuous evolution, with a spicy and adorable front-woman (who sings the cutest Chinese happy birthday ever) and chatty male fellow travellers, even more chatty when it comes to talk without the recorder on. (picture on FLICKR) Continue reading