Late Night Venture – Pioneers of Spaceflight

Insomnia: general sleeplessness, inability of sleep (Oxford Dictionary) – and, I’d like to add, the least healthy source of writing time. I owe you an apology, this busy week ended up with me struggling between sickness, life changes and general business – plus, the already mentioned lack of sleep. Anyway, here we are,writing about Pioneers of Spaceflight, one album to listen to during a silent night (morning?), when the wind is the only one whispering in my ears.

Despite the overall technique-style differences, Pioneers of Spaceflight I’d still like to address to as Pink Floyd gone me(n)tal. Late Night Venture come back after the 2006 debut, masterfully mix post rock and spacey doomy tunes, with a quick stop into the contemplative Buckley-esque field. Whether you call it spacey or cosmic, this 10-tracks took six years to be polished: isolation, hope and celestial beauty packed with the least-cliché post-rock influences. These features are the key ones of some best new post-rock bands, such as Explosions in the Sky or, my favourite at the moment, Maybeshewill. 

The heterogeneity within the album is quite impressive: from wall-of-sound (Kaleidoscopes) to doomy bass-driven vibe (The Empty Forest), by way of the ambient reverber-y interludes (Ready No, Birmingham, Trust). This Norvegian piece boosts the spacey atmosphere with distorted riffs (Peripherical)  and epic backing vocals (Houses), just before the gran finale of Carisma – a seven minute psychedelic epilog. The introduction of vocals creates a stimulating proggy hybrid, infused with lunar shades and a transcendent aura (Hours).

It may be the exceptional clear sky of this early morning, it may be the influence of the book currently on the bedside table (the complete Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy), but Late Night Venture’s ship seems to be sailed from the earth to lead us in a personal tour of the universe. It took 6 years, but I’d say it was really worth the wait.

Cover Album
Pioneers of Spaceflight
Similar Artist: Maybeshewill, Sycamore Age


01. Kaleidoscopes
02. Peripherals
3. Houses
4. Birmingham
05. The Empty Forest
06. Hours
07. Ready No
8. Trust
09. Glitter Pony
10. Carisma