Record Store Day special: Ethan Johns @ Raves from Grave


Yesterday, everybody, it was my first Record Store Day. It was also Saturday, day in which you would never expect to see from your living room window a bunch of people queueing in front of a tiny Record shop in Widcombe parade, Bath.

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Urusen @ Chapel Arts Theatre (Bath)

After a couple of stormy months, I am focusing again on something that I really love doing: writing gig reports. As you may have got from my writing style, this is my subjective insight on the bands that leave me spell-bound on a night out, and whose work I think is definitely worth a listen. Unless it is about classics such as Serj Tankian (in this case I believe that you should already be aware that it is worth a listen). Last Friday I had the chance to be part of one of those intimate gigs, in which the atmosphere is so cozy and relaxed that time runs faster than it should.  Continue reading

Quick Gig Introduction + Interview with Pete and the Pirates

First of all, if you don’t know Pete and the Pirates already, shame on you. You may need to go and get ‘One Thousand Pictures’, or the debut ‘Little Death’, and why not, the two EPs. You’ll fall in love with this quintet from Reading, UK, who are for a while into the ‘hype circle’. Continue reading

Gig Review: Dirty Beaches + Boxeur the Coeur

On Friday 21st Oct. I went to Cavriago, which is a quite small and far out city near Reggio Emilia.

Emilia Romagna itself (google it if you’re utterly lost) is a pretty interesting region for the indie scene, with plenty of small indie live clubs and festivals. Calamita is one of these clubs, a ‘Music Attractive Experience’, providing some pretty interesting acts throughout autumn and winter, in order to save music lovers from cold and boredom. On Friday night I went to see Dirty Beaches, a quite famous solo project that blends in lo-fi minimal and rockabilly in a really fascinating experience. For the ones who don’t know him, Dirty Beaches is the moniker of Alex Zhang Hungtai, an American of Taiwanese origin who released some EPs before the debut ‘Badlands’, which he’s promoting around the world. So yep, quite a good introduction. Continue reading

TotW: Sigur Rós, Arctic Monkeys, Summer Camp

Sigur Rós – Festival

Sigur Rós is to release the double live album ‘Inni’ in November, alongside with the eponymous film via Krunk (the band’s own label). You can watch the video of ‘Festival’ live below, and get it as free download on Sigur Rós’ website.

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