Advice from a Caterpillar


You must know by now about my inner passion for eclectic tags: “Melodramatic Folk/Pop” is the brand new one I came across: “We realised quite early on that we weren’t a normal folk/pop band and that there was something completely different to our sound compared with other bands in that genre. We write folk songs and they’re written around pop sensibilities but there’s something else there that no one can ever put their finger on.” This melodramatic band is called Advice from a Caterpillar, and they are a Mancunian four-piece that blends in Urusen-like melodic riffs, honeyed folk and silvery vocals. Not afraid of being labelled as pop, they embrace the genre with pride: “The pop just comes from us loving pop music and writing pop songs. We love a killer pop chorus! I would never dismiss a good pop song because it was chart music or a manufactured artist. We’d much rather be described as a pop band above a rock band or an indie band.” Continue reading