Gig Review: Valerian Swing + Rifkin Kazan @ Kalinka Club

Revelatory piece of news of the day: never get caffeine after midnight. Even if usually caffeine is not affecting you at all, just in case. Otherwise, do not complain if you are unable to sleep at 2am. Just killing time doing right now what I probably would have scheduled for some day in the future. This is going to be another of my unconventional gig reports. First of all, my main reason of complaint (driving home = reduced amount of alcohol), actually enabled me to be somehow completely lost in the music, and also having a couple of interesting chats. This is what I like the most about live music; it is about community, networking, drinking and meeting people with whom you share something.  Continue reading

If You Were…Vessels

Today I am going to introduce you to Vessels, an indie rock quintet from Leeds. This post-rock (math/electro/experimental) has been around since 2005, one year later the band self-released a five track eponymous EP and started touring. In 2007, Vessels travelled to Minneapolis, US,  to record their debut album.  They recorder the ten-track album and returned to the UK for a nationwide tour. On August 18 of the same year ‘White Fields & Open Devices’. The sophomore ‘Helioscope‘ was released last March via Cuckundoo Records. Today Tom Evans (guitar, vocals, keyboards) and Tim Mitchell (drums) are going to answer to the tricky If you Were questions.

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Searching for… Post-Rock

Hey people, here there is a brand new feature! No more bands introducing themselves (no worries, New in Town is still on!), now I am going to introduce something I found surfing the Net, but this time I am going to start from the genre and give you a couple of names, releases, influences and similar artists. Just because this is going to be a post-rock week, I decided to inaugurate it with Searching for…Post-Rock! Continue reading

Killington Fall: Keep Your Eyes To The Sea EP

Killington Fall

Keep Your Eyes To The Sea



So, all in all, 2011 has been the Golden Age of post-rock. I am not just referring to the big names coming back, like Explosions in the Sky or Mogwai, but also plenty of other bands all over the world released EPs, CDs, compilations. Therefore, it is not that easy to stand out in such a big crowd, but somebody seems to have found a good amount of originality and choice in picking up influences, to get at least a few lines. Killington Fall’s EP ‘Keep your Eyes to the Sea’ is not something we cannot just put it aside, as some nice background music. This band wants us to listen to them, and add to its post-rock some dust and noise.  Continue reading

If you Were…Mike from Dead Red Sun

Dead Red Sun is a math/post-rock trio based in South East London. After the fist single ‘Facility’, the band released the self-titled EP last May. They are known for their live performing across the London scene since their formation in 2010. They supported like Clinic Presents and Fuck The Whiteboar, before taking part to the Liverpool Biennial this year. Continue reading

New in Town: Killington Fall

New in town is back! Today is the time for a bunch of University students based in London. Killington Fall is composed by Cameron Stewart (Guitar, Vocals, Keys), James Simpson (Drums, Vocals) Max Templer (Guitar) and Patrick Jordan (Bass). The sound is a mixture of post rock a la Explosions in the Sky and some Deftones resemblance, with a pinch of math rock as well. Max Templer took some time to introduce Killington Fall to the readers, as you can read below. Continue reading