My dear reader, as you may know, I am a mess with genres (my iTunes includes a “Mexican Pirate Porn Rock” release, just saying). However, I am one of those emotional listeners, who gets easily into the spiral of over-categorization. To me, bands are not just incapsulated in one simple word. Oh no, that would be so much easier, for both of us (you as the reader, and me the writer). All of this, to introduce you to a rather tricky band to place: a dreamy ”ambient-y” instrumental rock piece, called mountaintops.
This four-piece from Mexico is composed of Francisco Cabrera, Daniel Pazarán, Juan Gómez and Joshimar Vergara. The self-titled EP, available for free on the Bandcamp page, is a nice blend of hazy guitars and floaty Maybeshewill-esque electro-beats, seen in for instance From the Deepest of the Darkest of Night, on the Horizon, Bright Light Enters Sight Tight (the titles are also quite Maybeshewill-esque in length). Despite being slightly lo-fi in production, the attention to delays and echos creates quite a cohesive flow, adding a fuzzy touch to the post-rock reverb-y formula. More ambient-like are tracks like It’s a Promise, Emarosa and Andy, Belle, Marbles, Molly, Olaf, Rover, Snoopy and Spike – remember what I just said about title-lengths? The soft-colouring reminds me of amycanbe’s dreamy folk, which conveys an ethereal and mystic aura. However, experimental bass-driven lines (Antlers) and playful notes (Au Troisième Jour de Chaque Mois d’Avril) are dropped along the way, suggesting some twists in the plot which don’t really happen, except for some interludes.
As part of the post-rock aficionados, I really do appreciate the so-called “variations on a theme”. Most of the times, I prefer to place some of it in the “ambient” section of my mind-catalogue, however, I feel like people tends to see it as a negative acceptation aspect, related to “background-like”. Mountaintops. dreamy, minimal touch makes this EP an easy-listen release, enhanced with post-rocky riffs and instrumental virtuosity. And I cannot see anything negative in that.

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